wanted session but no apt number existed at the address given. When i called, he said β€œi’m not home yet!” and hung up, and never called back. sidenote: he called me numerous times in the past, from july 2004, wanting information, but could never seem to get my prices straight.

He wanted me to come to his place today. I explained that he had made an appointment with me before and I could not reach him to confirm and that I saw his name and number on this website. He said it was all lies. I told him I would not deal with him again.

He called me and I checked this site to see if his number was here – as I always do before booking someone. I told him he was on a Blacklist site, and he got very angry with me, although I explained to him that I did not put him there – I only use the site to check for issues with potential clients. I told him there is a way to get his name and number off the site. He yelled, “They are lying!!” and hung up the phone. I did not think this made him seem particularly innocent.

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