He saw my ad in the escort section of Backpage in Birmingham. He arrived at my hotel room at 8:30 am on 6/24/2014 off Hwy. 280 in Cahaba Park. He is a tall 40 year old black male standing 6’4, 180 lbs. and was dressed in a light brown three piece suit. Usually Ido Google searches on potential new clients using their phone numbers and the name that pops up in the caller id but unfortunately I didn’t at that time.

He came in and greeted me and asked could he use the bathroom and I said yes. When he came out he sat on the bed next to me and started asking alot of off the walk questions. Then what finally did it was when he asked if I accepted credit cards, at that point I asked him to leave. Then he pulled the gun out on me and told me to give him all my money. For a minute I was shocked but I noticed by speaking with him over the phone and then seeing him in person that he was a bit “off” or “slow” so I put him to the test and told him I had made no money. He snatched my purse looking for my wallet but I’d already hid it prior to his arrival. I told him that I only had a couple of dollars in my car and that was it. He demanded my car keys then picked up my laptop and busted it out of anger. He started looking around the room for money with his back turned to me. At that point I quickly jetted out of the room onto the elevator screaming for help.

When I reached the lobby I saw him come from the side of the building walking fast to leave the grounds of the hotel. I yelled and pointed him out to a few people in the parking lot about the robbery attempt and he yelled “you’re a prostitute soliciting *** on the internet go get a real job!”

When I went back upstairs to the room I immediately packed up my belongings and headed out of Birmingham. He has since kept calling and texting me with threats. When I got home I Googled his name and found out that he is wanted in Jefferwon County as a *** OFFENDER for 1st Degree Sexual Abuse and Felony probation violation.

If you see his number in your phone thank twice. Even if he changes his number you will easily know his voice because he talks with a stutter and a mouth full of spit!

For pictures and mugshots GOOGLE : “Kenneth Langford Birmingham Alabama”

I just can’t believe he was dumb enough to call me from a phone that was actually registered under his legal name and attempt to rob me!

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