Rapist, Harassment, Sexual Assault, Crazy, Delusional, Boundary Crosser, Emotionally unstable, Records and takes your pics without permission. Do not see this man. It was my 2nd meeting with him after 9 months and he raped me, then he acts like he did nothing wrong, had the nerve to post a review painting himself in good light and is still blowing up my phone and email with these crazy messages. Worst date ever. Worst experience ever for me. He has no respect for personal space and boundaries. He really doesn`t know what he did wrong aka screws loose and possibly going senile. You have to re-screen these men to avoid disaster like me. Feel free to contact me for more detail if need be. He has gone as far as making another twitter handle to harass me some more. Possible stalker. Twitter handle @ejforyou and @86753oh9er(Jay Will). Be on the look out.

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