Multiple times called
Asks lots of questions, but never books; he is a time drain. I think he may be jerking off while calling.
i’ve dealt with him, too. i agree, he never books. he has called me numerous times, going by various names like chad, chandler, mallory, dave. asks me questions like, “are you good with your tongue?” and “will you send me your pictures in the mail?” once, he told me that he was ready to make an appointment, he had just been released from a psychiatric hospital- because he was suicidal (!)

he goes by the name of dave. he has been calling over the past 3 months, various dates, big time time waster,supposedly never has time to see me, but always time to obviously jerk off while telling me his fantasies.

He has been calling me since 12/05, using yet another alias which I hesitate to give, as I am sure he changes them according to his moods. He did make an appointment, but cancelled a week in advance, as he said he broke his leg (which of course had me on the phone consoling him as he was in pain). We have had cordial conversations this year and he has made 2 other advanced appointments, and cancelled them many days ahead, citing work changes.

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