Alex get high on Crystal Meth and calls escorts while his kids are asleep in the next room. He agrees to the escorts rate when he calls and texts for hours, repeatedly up until the time the escort arrives. Its obvious he is high and erratic, harassing the escort by phone until she arrives. Once she gets there he lies and says he does not have the cash he promised, and tried to write a check. For some, Valencia, where he lives, is very far so they are forced to agree to the check. Once the session gets started, he continues to snort drugs and practically force the girl to do it too. He tried to **** without a condom and he is rough, hitting you so hard on the backside during *** that its abusive and despite asking him to stop, he doesn’t. He will try to stick it in bareback and he will not stop smacking you. He is a liar and a time waster, booking and flaking all the while blowing your phone up. After spending 6 hours back n forth coordinating, he flakes. DNS, he will either flake, short pay, rip you off completely or physically hurt you. He is a drug addict and a liar. DNS – BEWARE

26073 Magdalena Dr. Valencia CA 91355

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