this man is a total waste of space. and a picture collector and dirty talker..let me get to the point. he was on this way to see me an hr later texts he is getting off the exit be there in 5 mins.. which was right. then 10 mins pass no word i texted him and he says he is lost. asked for a street name and exit he get off .. he says 65. which is way past me.. then says he is 40 miles from me.. I waited for another hour.. during this time he did nothing but talk trash and ask for more pictures. I directed him and he was like ok see u in a second and then said he was on my street. which he wasn’t b/c i am the first house on the street and i was outside and no one was on my street. I called him out and he told me I am a ***** and he he was forwarding my info to the cops –

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