He is 54 years old but looks a lot younger for his age. The first time we met he had no facial hair..I have seen this client before and when I saw him the 2nd time he did things to me that will forever hurt me. Im hoping by getting this guys info out there he will never be able to do this to another girl again. Please stay safe girls. Client restrained me (wrists and ankles) punched my head and slapped/spit on m face more times than I can count. He then raped me while verbally abusing me. Before he left he continued to hit me until I told him where my money was and then he robbed me and left me tied up. This is the most traumatic experience in my life. If anyone can help give me advice on where else to post his info on blacklists that would be much appreciated xoxo. Real nameNorman Laco. Aliases Steven,Steve and Mike. He does use more aliases but these are the 3 I He has quite a few different emails but I know of these two emails. [email protected] [email protected]

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