He did not show for his appointment. I talked with him several times over the last 3 months and when he booked the appointment I asked for a reconfirming phone number. He was to begin the drive to DC at 6am in the morning and said he might arrive early. I called him at 10:30am, no answer. I paged him at 11:00am, no answer. Finally I left a message and told him I was posting his number on this website and he told me he was “in a meeting”. He is a time waster and asks the same questions over and over again.

He also goes by the names dean, larry, wesley, wes, chad. he has called me five separate times over the last year. he wanted me to meet him at an intersection near route 29, between vint hill and new baltimore, in virginia, and said he was going to be in a red toyota truck. this is not something i do normally, but since he had called previously, i thought he was serious. after i had started driving out to him, he called me, and said he couldnt do this – it was to be in his friend’s house, but now his friend’s wife was coming home! it was all very messy. i suggested we could use a hotel near warrenton, he hesitated; i said i could get the room, he hesitated. he wanted to call me in 5 minutes if he could get his own house, and then i said call me either way, or just be straight with me if this is not gonna work. he said ok, he would call in the future! i said no, forget it, you dont seem serious, i’m 15 mins away from you and we can use a hotel or your house, but its obvious youre not serious. i told him not to call me again.

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