Guy sounded nice on the phone, showed up at my incall and I thought he was a cop. Told me he ran a security comany and bragged about being a bodyguard but he reeked of weed. Still seemed nice enough and kinda cute. Paid the 200 donation and took off his jacket and had a gun in a shoulder holster. I froze I was so scared but he took that off too. He wanted half and half. I got the condom on and we did doggie style for a while, then when he was about to pop he pulled off the condom and tried to stick it in my *** It got partway in but I rolled sideways so it fell out just in time before he came all over. Then he started yelling and I thought he was gonna hit me but he just got dressed in a hurry and ran off. I saw his truck, it was a small black SUV with white writing on the side and a yellow light on top, looked new. The two hundreds he gave me were counterfeit. Denver was a nice visit until this creep ruined it.

Justin Anderson
480 Wadsworth Blvd
Denver, Colorado

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