Ladies, please beware of this man. He is dangerous. After scamming me and verbally abusing me, he told me that I “deserved to get raped,” (to paraphrase one of his texts) and then proceeded to commit a handful of crimes by posing as me online, posting my name, my personal cell phone number, my complete physical address (including cross streets & landmarks…so that it was perfectly clear exactly where I lived), four photos of me that he did not have permission to ever post publicly (and with which he had been threatening me), and some other personal information. In this post, he solicited casual ***, while pretending to be me. He basically invited me to be stalked/assaulted/raped/murdered/robbed/etc. I was harassed with lewd text messages for an hour until the post was finally taken down. I’ve had to call the police and I fear for my Personal safety. I have never had a worse experience with anyone in my life. I’ve learned the hard way: ladies, please always screen people before you agree to meet them or let them into your homes, etc. Beware of this client. Be safe. –

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