I agreed to an incall for this guy when I was visiting Atlanta assuming he was 56 as he stated on his booking form and when speaking with him, he was respectful on the phone. On the day of the visit, I answered the door to a man who appeared to be around 80 who obviously had alot of health issues. I was taken aback initially but did not want to hurt his feelings so I decided to make the best of it as I really felt sorry for him. Before our date proceeded, I noticed he definitely needed to shower which I mentioned….at that moment, this alarm goes off on his phone and he gets up and says he has to take his medicine as he has parkinsons disease. He takes his medicine then to address the showering issue for him says the medicine would probably affect his ability anyway and could I just perform a hand job which I didn’t even realize was complete until he told me it was. After our date, he tips me 100 and told me about his disease, etc. etc. I made him a soft drink to take with him and he left without any complaints and actually thanked me for being so nice to him. Today I discover he has written a bad review for me on TER which is so far from what really happened that it makes me wonder if he is in even in his right mind. I tried to show compassion as a human being to someone that I really wanted to refuse but I felt sorry for him because of his health. He was told from the beginning that he would have to shower, he refused, he could have left if he was uncomfortable, instead he stayed – he is a very deceptive man with poor hygiene so girls beware! This was definitely a learning experience for me.

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