Daniel W. Ramsey began the series of events by failing to confirm went being provided my hotel and room number. It would have taken 30 seconds to confirm. He did not. He then proceeded to be twenty minutes late, By his own admission, left later than needed to be on time for the session giving ten himself only ten minutes to arrive.. Furthermore he went to the wrong hotel delaying him twenty minutes. Upon arrival Daniel spent thirty minutes talking about random topics and even when I attempted to steer him away from talk as his time was running down, he proceeded to continue talking. Rather than accept responsibility for his actions he complained about my procedures for confirmation and made excuses attempting to blame me for his being late. He complained about the amount of conversation despite him being the one who continued talking even after I attempted to move forward with the session. Despite his late arrival, I provided him with his full hour of service but he attempted to extend beyond the hour and I had to stop the session. Despite giving him an hour and twenty minutes of my time at the price of an hour I offered to give him fifteen minutes on a future session as a gesture of good will because the situation had been a bit awkward. We scheduled a repeat session for early next week but Daniel Ramsey interpreted my offer of 15 minutes as a full session for free. When I advised him that it was not a free next session because he was the cause of the problem from the outset by being late he became hostile in follow up correspondence attempting to blame me for his failures and stating he felt he has overpaid for a service he felt was disappointing. He got an hour and twenty minutes of my time at the price of an hour. He was offered 15 minutes additional time on the next hour as a courtesy and he chose to make the situation acrimonious. He wasted a significant amount of my time with his nonsense and arrogantly tried to make his mistakes my fault. All of his complaints were issues that were addressed in full on my website which he claimed to read in detail but clearly did not.

Daniel Winston Ramsey
[email protected]

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