I`m a pro-domme. Gary Boone has been contacting me via text and phone for over a year, pretending to want to schedule an extended hour/weekend session. Since he gave me no real reason to not try and book him, I explained that I would need a deposit, and how to send it, and so on. He claimed he was unsure about his schedule but would get back to me when he knew he would be in Indy and then do the deposit. This is a conversation that has occurred a dozen times, each one shorter and more abrasive on my part, because after the first time, I suspected he was full of ****, but I would cut and paste my booking protocol as an answer, then he got smart and tried to use a different number, etc. Dude is just playing. He wants to get as much conversation out of you as possible, has no intention of scheduling. And is obviously getting pretty good at the game since he`s using different numbers – would be better if he didn`t link them back to himself. LOL Shut this guy down quickly, block him, don`t book him, he will not show up, he will waste your time.


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