This man is a complete scammer he lives in Houston tx, I met him. Off a sugar baby website, he is a good liar he told me he was a chiropractor we talked on the phone, he was suppose to send me money so I gave him my account number (horrible mistake) and he tried to deposit fake checks and scam me into flying out to see him he kept making up lies so I blocked his number, well later that night I went to use my card and it declined I called the bank and they told me they deactivated my account due to fraud &there was only a small amount of money I had on my card and that’s also gone !! If I would have been stupid and flown out there who knows what he would have done..he kept sending me nasty videos of him Masterbateing and talking very dirty just like the comment above I also have pictures of his face too ! I did some researching and found out that this man is a psychopath con artist, karma is a ***** !!!!!! –

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