Deaf, so calls come in from an impaired service: 866-747-7352…He called me one week prior to the booking, trying to schedule an overnight. He sent me countless e-mails and called a few times through a telefone/video service for deaf people. After assuring him I would be Ok with the fact that he was morbidly obese, effeminate and deaf-mute, he scheduled an overnight with me. I cancelled many appointments because of him…Then, he never showed up. Client arranged an overnight appointment with request for a discount. He called on phone service for deaf people a week prior to scheduled overnight appointment. 18 emails were exchanged prior to the date of our appointment. Nine minutes prior to our overnight appointment, he emailed and cancelled with the excuse that he hired someone else. A quick Google search led me to this site. Had I known prior, I could have saved myself all of the bullshit!

Chris Robert
[email protected]

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