He contacted me around 8:30am via my A4A PRO AD and said that he wanted to book a session with me his A4A profile is (hangnlong) supposedly his name is Shaun or Shawn, So I asked him if he was for certain that he wanted to book a session with being he wanted me to drive an hour away from where I live to his location is Tunica,Ms. So he said that he was serious about booking a session with me and that he had no problem with my session rate or my “Travel Fee” required for me to travel an hour away, he even went far as sending me a picture of chips he’d won playing at the casino I guess to try and impress me I was only concerned about my $150 session fee and my $65.27 “Travel Fee” I arrived to the location he told me to come in and I wait around looking for him but he didn’t show up… so I went back outside to text and call him, He told me what he had on and where he was standing in which case that turned out to be a lie I guess the entire time he had me standing next to a guy that was not him he was from a distance watching me. after I waited around for an hour and a half trying to reach him by phone with multiple calls and text then he text me and said “My guy is here by surprise” which left me totally clueless so I asked if he could just come outside and at least pay me my “Travel Fee” because I had to travel 1 hour to Tunica,Ms I cannot make someone keep a session with me however if I travel an hour away I do look to receive my “Travel Fee” to make a VERY long story short he told me to “Come Back In Please” So I did I let him know that I was back in the building text him with no reply so I went to use the restroom mysterious when I come out the stall a guy walks up to me while I’m washing my hands and whisper “You’re sexy” I thought nothing of it and left out of the restroom. Then I was walking back onto the gaming floor to leave and stopped to play a game he kept walking past me and looking, long story short this was the guy that booked the session with me and he was trying to play like he just met me in the bathroom, as he walked by I text and called his cell it rang both times so he silenced his phone then turned it off and insisted on trying to talk to me to get me back up to his room thinking I wasn’t aware that he was the one who set a bogus session with me which “Was NOT going to happen” my time isn’t free I already wasted 2 hours waiting and looking for him in the casino and 53 minutes driving to the location. So this is why I’m blacklisting him because he had me waste 2 hours and 53 minutes and I missed taking a client that was closer to me in town because of his bogus booking, So I think I deserve not only my “Travel Fee” of $65.27 but also my session fee of $150. If he wants to make things right and have this report removed from being blacklisted I would like my travel and session fee which is a total of $215.27 Please don’t waste your time if this guy text or calls you for a session if you value your time he is looking for a free session which was not about to happen with me. From now on I will stick to my policy of NOT traveling beyond 15 miles without first receiving my “Travel Fee” via my website before my departure to a clients location guys like him make it bad for the guys who actually want to book sessions and will do the right thing. But this day I’ve learned a lesson “Stick to my policy of NOT traveling beyond 15 miles without receiving my travel fee FIRST” The time I wasted today reminded me why I no longer travel past a certain number of miles for a client until they pay my “Travel Fee” upfront but hey you live and you learn, trust me it won’t happen again I will stand firm by my policy from now on.

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