Alexander (his real name) called me from an ‘UNAVAILABLE’ number to inform me that ‘a friend’ gave him my number. I could barely understand his words to me partly because of the connection, background noise on his end, and his accent. He wants to be ‘deleted’ because he got messages from me and he doesn’t know how he got on my mailing list. He gave me the number he wants deleted.

I said, “of course, I’d be happy to remove you from my contact list.” But, when I viewed his contact record, I saw that I had tagged his record as “No Show – Sets Fake Appts”. And, then I googled his phone number and realized that I had reported him to this site. “AHHHHHHHHhhhhh!!! Now it makes sense,” I thought.

Whenever a report is posted to this site, I send a text to the client to let them know they’ve been reported. But, it doesn’t show on the site for a few days or a few weeks. And, ‘no-show’ clients, I’m assuming, google their number and do find a link to this site. They assume ‘us posters’ are bluffing when we say we are going to post their info to

This was our text exchange last night (5.2.2015) I had previously named this caller ‘Mario’ because that’s what he indicated his name was, and, for continuity sake, I have left it unchanged.

Me: Alexander, your posting will remain until you pay the $85 fee to a 501(c)3 charity of my choice. You did NOT ‘just’ have this number for two weeks. This has been your number since you made the appointment you did not keep. When you are ready to write that check or money order to charity, let me know and I’ll send you the name and address. 9:35 PM

*** SETS FAKE APPTS…NO SHOW..COL Mario (917) 208-4770 – mobile
5/3/15 8:07 AM now

*** SETS FAKE APPTS…NO SHOW..COL Mario: I will be in touch with my attorney be well 6:11 AM
*** SETS FAKE APPTS…NO SHOW..COL Mario: Not sure who you are and where you got this number from 6:14 AM
*** SETS FAKE APPTS…NO SHOW..COL Mario: Neither I made an appointment with you nor I need one 6:14 AM
*** SETS FAKE APPTS…NO SHOW..COL Mario: Married with two kids here will contact a lawyer soon 6:15 AM
*** SETS FAKE APPTS…NO SHOW..COL Mario: And my name is not Alexander ; I have called you in a polite manner yesterday ; now I will find a good lawyer ; 6:17 AM
*** SETS FAKE APPTS…NO SHOW..COL Mario: Btw I live in NYC not sure where you are and why you are harassing folks ; 6:18 AM
Me: Don’t shake the lion too much or you might get more attention than you anticipated. 8:07 AM –

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