Hispanic Mall Long black curly hair drives black 2011 Nissan altimeter works and lives in Henderson Ky. Works and Audubon Metals. Lives with black lady Karen Keye(Bushrod)in her 50’s. He says he is single with 2 kids. He isn’t single cause he is living with this woman and has been for more than 4 years.He has more than 2 kids he just doesn’t claim them. He is not and will never be STD FREE……. HINT HINT SOME STDS NEVER GO AWAY AND U HAVE TO BE ASKED TO TESTED FOR THEM HIV,HERPES, ETC…….He has multiple women he only sees them on his off days or he will claim to be visiting his children but really he is juggling between women. He is the worst manipulator ladies be wear race has no bearing on the women he chooses.

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