Scott that contacted me while I was visiting another City. The client lives in Webster, Minnesota. Wanted an appointment 2 days later. Didn’t have a rental car because he was on vacation with his family and didn’t want to take a Cab. He begged me to pick him up at his Resort and bring him to my hotel at 8:00 AM the day of the appointment. I wasn’t exactly comfortable with that, but he is a P411 member with a lot of okays and the girls I contacted said he is a nice guy. So I agreed to go pick him up. Received appointment confirmation from him the night before. I get up extra early, got ready, drive 20 minutes to pick him up at the agreed location and waited. At 10 minutes I tried calling him, sent him an email and a PM via P411. At 20 minutes I did the same thing. After 30 minutes I knew I was screwed and sent messages to all 3 sources again letting him know he owed me a cancellation fee. I made P411 aware of the situation as well.

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