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Mission: To provide a free platform to assist in the information gathering and promotion of safety to escorts around the globe.

WallOfJohns.com is a free website that assists escorts and escort agencies by alerting them of dead-beat, violent and dangerous clients, before they engage and make contact with them in person. Escorts that search potential clients using WallOfJohns.com can avoid Scammers, Abusers and Time Wasters while researching information on the client.

We want Escorts and Agencies to have access to information on their client before they actually meet. Safety for Escorts is our priority.

Escorts and Agencies can post free and anonymous incident reports to Wall Of Johns such as physical and verbal threats, abuse, violence, rip-offs, time wasters, scammers or money with-holders.

Our focus and priority is to service and facilitate the information and safety of escorts and to enhance all escorts’ ability to work smarter and safer.

We believe the sharing and archiving of this valuable information will make Escorts’ lives safer and more secure! Our easy to search database provides the information you need, when you need it, to make an informed decision about a potential client.

Before you book a client, use our search function to search by client name, address or phone number and learn about them.

This is a place where everyone can post their reports. This is a censorship free complaints website! Let the world know about the companies that don’t respect their customers

Your online complaints website is WallOfJohns.com!
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