I am another victim of Adam Drybrough & Blaine Kennedy. I lost 100% of my investment. Update on the prior post, Adam Dryrough no longer lives on 24 Ave SE. I would love to know where he lives with his GF Jess Alford. Jess “owns” Hotshop yoga studios here in Calgary. Surely some of Adam’s dirty money funded this venture. Another follow up on the prior post, both Adam and Blaine plea bargained sweet deals, 9 months house arrest and no financial restitution at all. Adam & Blaine have been keeping a low profile for the last couple years. My guess is Blaine is still out there trying scam people out of there cash one way or another. He has been doing that his entire adult life, search CK3 kit cars. Adam started his scams back when he was in high school, he was trying to sell a fake car security gizmo online called “littleblackbug”. They likely are both lurking on the web looking for more suckers. I would like to know if anyone out there knows what these guys are doing know. Any information would be helpfull in identifying new scams. To Adam & Blaine. In the end you will not get away with what you have done. I believe in Karma and one day you guys will get what is coming to you. Maybe it could be a one of your victims who has nothing more to lose taking justice into his or her own hands. Keep looking over your shoulders guys!

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