Had a girlfriend in Tampa for over a year when he began a relationship with me. Lied to me about owning his own condo on the beach in Tampa(she owned it). Drove me around on dates in a truck he claimed to own(she owned it, bought it for him because his truck was repo’d). Pretended to be falling in love with me, spent everyday he was in GA with me and my daughters but would make up excuses to go back to Tampa every weekend because he had a GF there. He told me she was a crazy ex girlfriend and might try to contact me to start trouble. Asked me not to speak to her if she did. When she found out about me, she messaged me on FB and it turned out he was telling her I was the poor lonely widow of a “fallen” brother(hes an army veteran) and he was just spending time with me to console me. Thats why she was seeing pictures of us on FB at Halloween parties and at Crossfit. All lies, im no widow! He hit on me on FB is how we met. As soon as he realized he was busted, never heard from him again. He is a real smooth talker, very sweet, romantic, attentive, and loving. Dont let it fool you. He is a serial cheater and user. He is in the Columbus GA area right now but is getting out of military soon and will be back in Tampa. He is 6’6” so he is kinda hard to miss, light brown hair, green eyes, broke his right ankle, has scars on it from surgery. Tattoo of the name “kate” over his belly”, both arms have tattoo sleeves. Hes an avid hunter and also spends alot of time in Omaha GA where his family has a hunting camp.

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