Mariana Olguin/ Aida Zetina/ Aida Mariana Olguin Zetina born in February 8 1981 in Mexico, jumped the border to Irving Texas and works entry level job at DSV. You have to know this whack job to believe the **** she pulls. For starters she is 35 and desperate to get married to a rich man. She chases anything with a ***** even gay guys. She calls and calls and calls and pesters guys until they have to threaten restraining orders. She is chubby and has a myriad of sexually transmitted diseases.

Mariana followed me here from Mexico and I still can’t get rid of her. She’s pulled the “honey, I’m pregnant” trick hundreds of times. She calls constantly the second you show her a bit of attention or encouragement. She will act totally normal until you try to pull away from her. That’s where she gets downright scary. She got chummy with my mom and other family and friends and tried to get them to convince me to go back to her. She hired a private investigator to follow me and the pi told me he don’t want to follow me but Mariana keeps paying him and business is slow. Mariana called me six times today and is begging me for a birthday present. Hello? We’ve been over for months.

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