Alexander Depew 22years old born December of 93. Toledo Ohio
Talk about a smooth criminal. I met this dude and instantly thought what a Fuckboy. But he was cool and we were into the same S*** so we still kicked it as friends. Well he caught me in a vaunerable state and decided it was a good idea to take advantage. This dude has a wife and curently has his EX pregnant with their 5th baby! All he does is bash his wife and talk about how much of a C*** she is for the ONE TIME she cheated on him. While he’s out here kissin on people and trying to stick his hand in their pants. He’s a pill head. Won’t get a job. Claims he has a job from playing video games when the reality is he’s got this gay guy in Jersey mad inlove with him so he fronts the Bill for everything including his kids and his wife (of course his “boyfriend” don’t know this.) he’ll say all the right things to pull you in. If he’s next to you you’re his #1. But if hes not don’t think he’s thinking about you cause he’s not. He’s out f****** some other chick. ****** a few dudes too. I’m glad I figured this all out before S*** got to serious and I got caught in to many feelings. But don’t underestmate him. He’s turned being a Fuckboy into an art form. But that’s all he’ll ever be is a F*** boy. I feel bad for his wife. His kids. And the dude he’s been playin so he can have nice things and not have to be an adult. I seriously hope this m*********** finds jesus!

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