so let me start out by saying he started out the man of my dreams. ok thats what he lead me to belive. he lead me to think i was never able to clean house, cuz in his minde it was the kids job. mindde you i at the time a 4 year old and him a 18 year old with downs. i was never able to work and if i did he would call my job like crazy. i almost got fired. as for wanting to see my mother it was me getting into an argument and it felt like pulling teeth. if i would see her he would call like crazy. i was hardly ever alowed to leave the house. the sad thig is my kid was never alowed to leave the house other then school. he got so bad that i could never leave the bed. he is so bad the when i told him i needed to get a job for health insurance for tje family he told me no thats what medicade was for. when i told him i dont want to live off the govrment the rest of my life he told me why not people do it every day.

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