This piece of **** has been constantly lying and using his wife. Married her just to gain his Australian PR and has every kind of dating apps on his phone. Chases after unsuspecting girls and tells them lies. Yeah sure he has a PhD in Microbiology but that’s all he’s good at. He fails at being a husband and father, just heartbreaking how his 2 daughters love him so much without knowing what a ******** he is. He treats his wife with emotional abuse and plays mind games. He is lousy in bed with a limp ****, probably ridden full of sexual diseases so be warned! His full name is Ali Akbar Gorzin, of Iranian descent but goes by the name of Alex G now. Lies about his age being 36 but he’s actually 39! Ali A Gorzin, Australia – BIG TIME CHEATER & LIES to make himself look good!

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