Alpha has repeatedly lied and have no sense of urgency to complete my project. I met with Alpha’s salesman several times before putting in order. He was very helpful and responsive. Once the order was placed in mid-September for impact doors and windows for the entire house, I was scheduled to be installed on November 2. Once November 2 came, Alpha said they were not going to install because they were missing 2 windows from the manufacturer. I told them that they had several days worth of work to do while they waited for the missing pieces, and my project was still postponed a week. Later, the truth came out which was that the installers were busy elsewhere; the truth would have been sufficient, but was given a made-up excuse instead. The installers finally came the following week. At this point, all of the windows were supposed to be in-hand. However, they were still missing the kitchen window which was either never ordered or lost. They supposedly had all the other windows. After installing all the windows and doors they had in their possession, I was told that the window at the master tub came damaged from the manufacturer; this is understandable. Once again, this was a lie. Upon reviewing camera photos that I have of the property, you can see that the master tub window was put in the wall where it goes and is completely intact. The next photo shows the window falling to the ground and shattering. The window came from the manufacturer just fine, but Alpha told me it came damaged. Again, this is understandable, and again, a lie. I have been speaking to their office at minimum weekly about coming and adjusting the sliding door that was installed incorrectly and at least installing one of the 2 windows that they were missing. I have told them that it is holding up proper sequence of construction, and they have yet to come out. Most recently, the last window was supposed to have arrived at their facility on 1/18/16 and installed on 1/19/16, and now they claim the window will not be at their facility until 1/21. I have had to continue with drywall and other activities that should have been installed after the windows were completed. It is likely that in order to correct and install these windows that my other work will need to be reworked. There is no urgency at Alpha to make sure that my project is completed. Ben in the office has been helpful in giving me status updates as she gets them, but some of the information she has been given has been incorrect. Ben the salesman was very attentive for a long time, but has not returned my phone calls in 2016. I would like Alpha to finish the job ASAP, and correct any damage that might be done by doing work out of sequence.
Additionally, Alpha needs to be honest with their customers and disclose real labor and material delivery constraints.

Alpha Windows and Doors
590 SW 9th Ter Bay 1,
Pompano Beach, FL 33069-3532
Phone: (866) 642-5742
Fax: (866) 531-8609
[email protected]

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