We signed a contract back in 2-7-2015 to replaced all windows and the front door paid over $21,983.00. the front door took for ever to get here then we were disappointed with the way Alpha was handling this problem but unfortunate we had already paid in good faith so they didn’t have a Rush to finish the job any more. We got a refund for the door eventually but the main installation of the windows still in progress and found some problems as well as a leak in the kitchen, Alpha replaced a sliding Door on the second floor balcony, later on we saw a water that was coming down right bellow the sliding door ceiling in the kitchen, we called Alpha But to get them back was a mission we have to complaint to Ben the office manager of Alpha windows and Doors, he sent some one back to said they will be sending the subcontractor that did the job. He came back to said it was not them that it was the balcony and that some how water was traveling to the kitchen ( i said we didn’t have this problem before he keep blaming the balcony this was going on for months then Alpha sent a quality control tech to fix some of the screw ups from the subcontractor they paid to do the job, but the main problem with the leak was not resolve, he looked at the problem tried to fix it but the problem remain and was not fix. We keep complaining regarding the final inspection so we could get the discount with our home owners insurance, Alpha Windows And Doors didn’t follow up after until we complaint, Alpha finally schedule the final inspections but , the only good thing was the new tech “Steve” that had the knowledge to see that the problem with the sliding Door was in the installation, the inspection didn’t pass, Alpha sent Steve with out the knowledge that he was going for a final inspection or a latter for the inspection for a big window on the front of the house and the correct paper work, they had pictures from other Home not our home so least to say it was a mess, some windows had loose screws,and on the big window they needed pictures but they had pictures from other home so didn’t match and the inspector didn’t approved those pictures; to pass Ben final inspection they will have to reinstall it! Steve came back finally he fix the sliding Door on 11-25-2015, no leaks so far in the kitchen but till now no final inspection yet my insurance renew for 2016 and we still no able to get the discount of $120.00 per month and Alpha wont fix the damage they created in our kitchen by hiring subcontractors that wont fix their screw ups. The Sale person was Ben no much Help we got from him, all the techs that came from Alpha Windows and doors, just came to blame other but with no results the only one was Steve that fix the leak, but that is all he could do, Alpha Windows and Doors lack of communication, customer service and follow ups on the service calls and professionalism is the worst we have to deal with. the french impact Doors still have the lower tracks open they need to cover them etc, this is a accident waiting to happen one of our Dogs nail got cut up in the track one time when she was coming in that House lucky for her i was there to help her to get her leg free but she was crying in pain…last e-mail we sent to Ben to ask regarding the final inspection was on with out a response till this day 1-18-2016

Alpha Windows and Doors
590 SW 9th Ter Bay 1,
Pompano Beach, FL 33069-3532
Phone: (866) 642-5742
Fax: (866) 531-8609
[email protected]

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