This ***** named Alyssa Frangedakis who is in Shelby township with her mom,dad and son has been sucking and f’ing for money working at all the Detroit strip clubs. She has also done a reality show called topless profit on cinamax. Let me start off by saying she has a child at home f’s for money while she goes to work and claims she is a fashion blogger. She has a dui leaving the strip club. Not only is she jeperdising everyone’s life but her son who now has to go to school and it’s just a matter of time that his friends are going to watch his mom f”ing and sucking on tv. She claims she has a iq of a genius. Sorry spreading your legs and climbing poles doesn’t require a genius to do. She’s on social media where she posts stuff about how she was emotional rape by a bot from the past. No ***** you got f’ed and left it happens all the time. She has great clients who keep her busy by banging them at the strip Clubs in the VIP room for cash. Her baby’s daddy has went threw **** with her cause of how she acts. He wants nothing to do with her but yet he’s the bad guy cause he lives a normal life. Everyone who see this trick at the strip clubs be carful she also had a way of stealing everything you have in your pocket and all the bouncers around her will back her up as a side hustle. Don’t **** her off she will blast you all over the Internet

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