In early 1996 I bought a new Amana refrigerator (about $1200). Shortly thereafter the freezer was not freezing. I called the store I bought it from they had to order a part. To try to make a long story short, the fridge has NEVER worked. I would call Amana repeatedly, they would say “well, lets try this, and if this doesn’t work, we will look at replacing it.” The last time this scenerio took place was March 2000. I said to the representative, Look, you are going to try ONE MORE THING until it is no longer under warranty, and then I’ll be out $1200 for a worthless refrigerator. She replied, NO we have all the documentation on this problem, we will replace it. Well it worked for quite a while that time. However in February it started all over again. I called Amana and was not really surprised to hear that the best they could do for me was $400 towards the purchase of a new Amana. I am appalled to think that I am out $1200 and seem to have NO recourse. I appreciate your site being here, if nothing else, I can at least get my message out. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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