Amanda Rezak has 5 children. Child protective service took the first 4 from her due to her SEVERE CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT!. DO NOT LET HER NEAR YOUR CHILDREN. she drugged them to sleep constantly and is now trying to babysit other children on social media. She WILL HARM any child she comes in contacy with. She still hurts Damian the boy she somehow still has of the 5. Somebody save that poor baby from her ABUSE! . She pretends to me mother of the year on social media. Dont be fooled. She is pure disgusting trash. No job. On every type of assistance. Hurts innocent children. Even the ones she once had. And lets her FElON husband (Brendan Rezak) molest the kids and shoot up heroin around poor babyDamien! KEEP YOUR CHILDREN SAFE AROUND THIS CHILD ABUSER AND DEADBEAT!

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