Amy Halko has posted misleading information on this website so I wanted to be sure readers had both sides of the story. She outed her EX husband for cheating following a severe physical assault on him FROM HER. This assault landed him in the hospital and her in jail. This was not the first assault. Another point she neglected to mention was that she had a profile on WHILE SHE WAS STILL MARRIED. She also neglected to mention that not only did she share details of a sexual nature with their children (14 and 11 at the time) they had completed a separation agreement a year prior, only it was never filed. Also, this was an instance where she knew (for years) he no longer wanted to be with her but was comfortable living her life with no obligation to clean house, maintain personal hygiene, be intimate with her husband or prevent her animals from defecating all over the house and destroying everything in sight. He stayed to avoid her turning his children against him. Only when he finally reach is breaking point and become strong enough to leave following the assault did she lash out on the internet. He actually did have an affair and had cheated before. She DIDN’T care! She wanted to continue living the life she was comfortable in with no obligation to him. This was a case of severe emotional neglect and physical and psychological abuse. She refuses to see OR let anyone else she chooses to share HER side of the story with know anymore information that may reflect poorly on her. I entered the home shortly after she departed to Oklahoma and I was absolutely appalled by the condition. There was dog hair everywhere, and the basement was covered in dog feces. Seriously? Who finds that desirable? I would have left a long time ago.

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