This little Pathological liar plays a perpetual victim and he is a professional mooch. I can’t share my real name but he knows who I am. He stalked me on face-book for 8 months before I agreed to go out with him. He begged me to marry him, but I caught him in so many lies that I could not trust him, and I found out he owes a lot of money to child support. He stalks women on face-book to form a relationship with them and wants to marry them with in a week, but beware, it is only for financial reasons. He also bragged about having a relationship with a young girl about 22 years when he was in his late 40’s. So please keep your daughters away from this loser. Did I mention he was still seeing his ex. when we were hot and heavy into our relationship? He proposed to her and me. He finally found someone who would marry him and he found her when we were still together. Poor girl, she doesn’t realize what she got herself into

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