Anthony is a manipulative, controling, cheating douchebag who has ****** over women (maybe men) from Windsor to Miami. He’s a morrally bankrupt piece of sh*t who not only cheated on his wif but strung me and others along by making promises to build a life with me when his divorce was final. Instead I found out he was making the same promises to other wemon. He would take “business trips” but come to find out he was just meeting up with his various victims in different cities. I have tried to move on several times on, but evertime he finds me with dating he pulls me back in. He is a deranged psyco. Ladies beware! He will say anything to get you into his web. If you coss paths with him RUN!!!! He is incapable of being faithful to anyone ( not even a dog). He continues to create havoc in the lives of those who do nothing more than love him.

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