This is a womanizing motherfvcker. He claimed to be faithful, when anyone tells of the womanizing he’s doing he claims they’re gossiping. He was sleeping with his aunt’s home health aide behind my back and shacking up with someone who he claimed to be his “cousin” behind my back. When asked, it’s gossip. I told this lying motherfvcker that gossip doesn’t equals lying. Even though I tell him it’s over and I don’t want to see him anymore, he’s finding some excuse to come to my place to talk about a failed relationship and how good our relationship and the *** was in the beginning. Then accuses me of being with someone else when he’s been shacked up with his “cousin” all along. I hear the woman is calling his aunt complaining about him and it’s probably because:

1. Pretends to be spiritual and *** fearing, but he’s a lying man *****! He was seeing another woman before me, he claimed the relationship was on the rocks when I asked about it. I don’t believe it, I was just something new to him. He acts as if he’s in a relationship for the long haul, but he isn’t.
3. Have done several potentially dangerous medical studies to make money.
4. No car, I’m not 12, I’m not going on a date with someone close to 40 taking public transportation!
5. Has a daughter, not with me thank goodness and pays no child support, and barely sees her.
6. Mediocre Hygiene
7. Wears the same dirty clothing in rotation since we over 2 years ago, doesn’t think he ever does laundry. Carries a NOT so pleasant body odor, was Febrezing my bedding every day for a week after him staying over for a night, still couldn’t get rid of the odor.
8. Too touchy feely, huggy and kissy.
9. Likes older women, 8, 10,12 years or older, because he wants to live with and sponge off of older women thinking they will take care of him.
10. Told me that he’ll be glad when I get a job so he won’t have to come out of pocket all the time. What kind of man makes a statement like that? A BROKE ONE! I can be broke all by myself!
11. Greedy, likes to eat a lot, will eat you out of house and home if you allow it. Gets touchy when you bring up his appetite, but he’s not replacing your food unless you demand it. Don’t expect me to want to cook meals when you barely want to come out of pocket and you make stupid statements.
12. Registered *** OFFENDER, will tell you about his criminal background, but say he didn’t do it. This is public record, so I don’t have to say allegedly.
13. Talks too much and too loud when tipsy about nothing but perceived conspiracy theories. He’s not supposed to be drinking at all because for the rest of his life he will be checking in with Parole Officer for being accused of being a registered *** offender. (Claims he did nothing wrong, that it was a lie.)
14. If he’s angry, you don’t know what he may call you, a *****, or tell you to suck his d!ck as if he’s some dumb teen from the 90’s who listens to disrespectful rap music.
15. Has asked random people about my behavior towards me and told me he was told I had another man, when he’s the one doing the cheating.
16. Once I asked him to come over, he claimed he couldn’t because his aunt was sick, mind you he claimed he and his aunt weren’t on the same speaking terms as before because of the gossiping that was ruining our relationship.
17. Claims he’s disease free although he’s being lying and cheating. We’ll see and I will update.

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