Wow what can I say, she’s single again. I think guys should know. Most people do know about her. She’s a liar and attention hoe. She doesn’t even raise her son. She tells guys he’s not her kid. He’s her brother. Karma will bite you. You’ll answer to the Lord. I know from several sources she was lying to people and sleeping around as a teenager. She had a one night stand with a guy and thought he was dating her and wanted to marry her when she got pregnant at 18. She sits and acts like she’s so perfect. She talks about all of her friends. She dates married men. She thinks everyone is such a fool. She’s a pathlogicial liar. This woman will play people. She looks bad cause she’s on drugs. All she wants is a sugar daddy to care for her and her lying ***. She can’t deftinely keep friends cause she talks bad about all of them.

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