He is a sexual predator who goes after under privileged foreign girls and manipulates them through sexual shaming and rape and verbal abuse. He is also a child predator and his family hides and condones it. From Oregan and works for Accuren. He has Herpes one and two. He tapes women as he sexually manipulates them and abuses them. He does degrading things once he ties you up calling it an adult game to teenagers. Are 16 to 18 and younger. He moved to Canada because the statutory age is 14. He is a predator that will take everything from you. He puts everything in his name so if you think of leaving he will take everything. Be very careful of this disgusting man. He uses his past illness and military to get to your sympathies and only looks for girls that are poor and with father issues and then quikly gets you hooked on alcahol by calling it a grown woman’s drink. Because he trick young girls into acting older because that is what adults do and gets them to do disgusting thing while he records it all and then uses that to shame them calling them whores and urinates in most of the victims and keeps the videos for leverage. Be very careful of this man.

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