These people are the lying idiots, who make Craigslist the shithole it is.

They email you several times about your ad, even having the nerve to accuse YOU of being the one who isnt real, or on the up and up…. just because you dont put all of your personal information in your ad, or give your phone number out all ***** nilly.

They email you several times, talk on the phone, and setup a time to come buy the object. Yes, I said buy! Not “look at”….. but BUY! Their exact words were, “we cant leave here before 9am because we have to wait till the bank opens to get the money, or we would leave sooner”. They even have the nerve to ask you NOT to sell the item to someone else before they get there!!! Then, these rude ******** dont even show up, or bother to call like an adult to tell you they arent showing up!!!

So you go out of your way to accommodate them on the date time THEY chose to come buy the object…. and not only do they NOT show up, they act like ignorant children and refuse to answer their phone (sending you straight to voice mail) when you call to find out whats going on…. because they dont want to get chewed out or be responsible for their actions. To make matters worse, they get ****** off just because you called to find out where they are….. and they call you back…. just to hang up when you answer.

These people are low rent ******** who do nothing but lie and waste your time. So Beware of Roy & Melissa Folkerts, and avoid them at all costs!!! You have been warned!!!

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