Bianca Fite Johnson is a *****. She seduced my husband, slept with him and made him leave me and my 3 children. She sent him photos of her disgusting ****** so he could look at them as he masturbated while they had phone ***. Bianca does not even live in the same city as my husband, but she convinced him that the only way for him to be happy was to leave me and my children and live in a hotel so they could talk on the phone for 5 to 6 hours a night. My husband is not innocent in this either. He willingly allowed this ***** to convince him that he was no longer in love with me and to abandon our 3 children. While I was in the hospital fighting for my life, he was on the phone with her every night. I was having blood transfusions and praying to make it through the night, and he was on the phone with her. Bianca has 2 daughters, and she is no doubt looking for yet another father for them as her current marriage is in the toilet. Stay away from this *****, if you see her, turn the other way. She will “befriend” your husband and make him think that she is going through the same thing that he is going through. Next thing you know, your husbands **** is in her mouth.
Bianca is an active duty military member so if you have a husband stationed at any base in Florida, BEWARE, this ***** has no scruples.

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