This complaint is against BLUGREEN CORPORATION, a Florida based company and its Sells Office from Novi, Michigan. We signed a contract on 09/19/00, following a presentation at the location at 43155 Main Street, Suite 2204, Novi, Michigan 48375. Through this contract we agreed to purchase Owner Beneficiary Rights and Vacation Points with BLUEGREEN VACATION CLUB. The membership package was explain to us by the sales person and the sales manager during the couple of hours presentation as a complex package including timeshare propriety at “Shore Crest 2”- North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Vacation Points (one week Biennial Timeshare Interest), plus worldwide access through RCI membership to all the resorts in the RCI Directory, unlimited, by points exchange or by paying a constant flat rate of $599/week. However, when we contacted RCI at the BLUEGREEN RESORTS MEMBERS’ LINE (1-800-445-0088) we were told that it is only a points exchange agreement and a very limited accommodation purchasing possibility, for “left over units” at various rates. Also, we were told that it was a maintenance fee of about $320 for the Biennial Timeshare unit that we’re going to own. Calling BLUEGREEN VACATION CLUB – Owner Services we fund out that in fact the maintenance fee was about $370 and will be charged every year not only on the “Owner Use Year” as initially presented. Following this findings we contacted your sales office in Novi, MI, the same people that we made the deal with, trying to clarify these issues. The Office Manager did not want to talk to us. The Developer/ Seller Agent who presented us with the Owner’s Agreement, told us that they were not responsible for all this and if we didn’t like it to go to a real-estate broker (Century 21) and sell the Timeshare and BLUEGREEN will buy it back from us! Next we tried the BLUEGREEN Owner Services, Corporate Offices, and Corporate Collection Office several times by phone and writing, starting November 2000. Nobody was able to give us any guidance or try to understand the situation. In this situation we contacted several real-estate agencies specialized in Timeshare Resales, trying to find out how can we sell “our propriety”. We learned very soon that would be next to impossible, unless we want to sell it for about 25% of what we paid. Some of them ask as for a initial $499 fee, making it clear how difficult it is to sell such a propriety, how much advertising it is needed, and, of course, there was no chance to sell it back to BLUEGREEN. In conclusion, we believe that BLUEGREEN VACATION, through their Novi Sells Office used false advertising, repeated false or misleading affirmations in the process of selling of this “propriety”. They also use all kind of pressure and confusion sales tactics not allowing the prospective buyer to receive the property report and providing a reasonable review time before they are asked to sign a document, like the Beneficiary Agreement. We also believe that the property was not sold at a fair market value, which due to the complexity of the package it is very difficult to figure out in a very limited time and the whole process it is unlawful. Given the fact that we did not take possession of any kind of property, we did not receive any Title, we did not use any of the Club benefits or facilities and all of the above, we ask BLUEGREEN CORP. to terminate our “Beneficiary Agreement”, together with our club memberships immediately. Up until today BLUEGREEN was not available to discuss our complaint with us and the only answer was several letters demanding our regular monthly payment.

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