Let’s expose this Creep, Brad Moore of Las Vegas, Nevada and let’s see what others have said about him:

This guy is a walking/talking public health crisis.

He is infected with diseases.

This man is a walking and talking lie.

He tells you he loves you and tells you your the only one he’s with.

He is a good talker.

Be very careful he is a walking STD and will tell you anything you want to hear.

He is good at his game.

He owes me money.

He always has multiple women going on, and will constantly lie even when caught and presented with evidence of cheating. There are hundreds of women, but he’s only interested in constant ***, and anyone he can borrow money from for his severe gambling addiction, which has caused him to lose everything. He is crazy and very strange!

I met this man on a BBW site…I paid his return ticket to see me in Portland for a weekend. Instead he stated some lie about needing to be back home with his baby mama, had to pay another $110 for changing flight than asked for $100 cash since he was broke with no money or job. After 24 hours he texted needing more money for his phone bill, I offered to pay online but he refused and wanted it sent western union. Since then hardly any calls or text back, when confronted about criminal record and STD he was so furious and was defensive. Ladies this man has a long rap sheet of criminal activities!! Beware of his lies and what he says!! He states that he is a teacher but nope not even!!! Now I have to live with the consequences of having STD!! So wrong, he needs to be in jail!!!

Brad Moore AKA Bradley Durham Moore: Welcome, You Are Now Exposed.

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