Brandon Lee Rodenbough, 25 years old, DOB June 4th.
This boy …because he is not a man is a master Manipulator and cheater… for the 6 months together all he has ever done was lie and cheat and talked to multiple woman. He even went as far as to lie and say he went to jail the night he was cheating on me, just to cover up his lie.
He never owns up to his actions, he points blame on others, plays a victim to get pity, he is an emotional leech and tries to emotionally and mentally control woman. He’s never done ANYTHING for me in the relationship except inflict pain and insult my intelligence. He used me for emotional support and all that I compromised and sacrificed for him. In return he cheated on me with 7 different woman. All of whom I have spoken too to get the truth.
Karma is coming for him. One girl he cheated on me with that he was trying to be in a relationship with..lied to him and only was using him for his money the entire time. She was married in August of 2016 and started talking to my ex to work her magic on him to get money from him. The same venom he was spitting out on other woman and me he got a doze of it back.
I just ended things with him last week and now he is on a dating site BEWARE LADIES!!! What he says in his profile are all lies… I will post pictures and text messages of proof of his cheating and lies he tells!

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