Dated this guy for awhile, found out he was sucking black **** behind my back for weed, pills, or whatever it was he was on that day..I don’t know what to do anymore! Felix Pantaleon is addicted to ****. He calls 900 numbers and visits **** sites on-line. I have caught him red-handed and he still lies to me about it. He has admitted he has a problem and always promises to stop, but he never does and I catch him and he lies again. I have gone so far as to threaten to leave him, but he still goes back. He wants *** all of the time so it’s not a substitution. He won’t go to a shrink. He is also con man and a child *** predator. He loves to *** chat with guys wives and send pics of his small ****. Hes a freeloading *** that uses anyone he can of any size to benefit him. Stay away from this dirty *** juggalo wanna be ladies!!!!! hes a smooth talker and likes to beat on woman when he dont get his way. He never could satisfy me in the bed, probably nobody! Felix Pantaleon lies to people and tells them he is a web designer. Be weary of this man he is NOT a web designer or has the credentials of a graphic designer. He will lie and steal your money as fast as you click on the PayPal button. Here is a photo of his gay ***, he just got done having *** with this man

Felix Pantaleon
Address: 50 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001
Phone: (917) 829-4086

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