Candice Amanda Gregory 26 year old woman. First off she gives a fake name so nobody knows who she isat first…chances are you’ll meet up with her for one of two reasons#1-to get her high on meth In a parking lot where she will smoke it all and then demand free meth to take home afterwards.or #2-you will have answered her online prostitution ad where she claims to be “a real pleaser”and seeks out “older men” to “spank her hard daddy”. She is a full on alcoholic who drinks and drives everywhere she goes. She does “camshows” where she sticks random things inside her orifices for losers online paying her a dollar or two. When confronted she will of course lie and try to turn it around on you. She will be cheating on you with senior citizen who she claims not to love but swallows his *** REGULARLY.
Stay away from Candice Amanda Gregory!!! She is a pathological liar, a *****, not a nice person, she lies steals and cheats whenever she feels like it

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