Terrible person. Has robbed or betrayed anyone she has been near in last 14 years. Has stolen thousands from “loved” ones. Pity pot who says she is a victim, trying to recover, innocent, never been in trouble, etc. Truth is she is a snitch, hooker, thief, heroin xanax speed coke addicted prostitute who has been arrested or detained more than 20 times. She will “clean” your house or office and steal everything. When caught she will shift blame to you that u lost it and then “help” u find it. Many shoplifting arrests, prostitute arrests, theft arrests. No record, a for sure snitch. She says she has hep c. Blackmailed, check forger, sells stolen property, car thief, not a nice picture. She will amaze you with her kindness, but it is a con. She is a convincing sociopath with no interest except to hurt people and get high. Awful awful bad person. Preys on seniors and will attack them physically. Beware of this bottom feeder.

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