The public is hereby notified that Carol’s Pharmacy in the country of Trinidad and Tobago that carries the following company address and contact number:

Company address: 189 Southern Main Road, Couva, Trinidad and Tobago
Phone: (868) 636-4801

Is to be hereby seen as an officially blacklisted and condemned scam and fraud pharmacy because of its reprehensible and dirty conduct behind the scenes businesswise. This is of course unknown to its customers who are unaware of this pharmacy’s fraudulent behavior and scam ways especially in regards to monetary affairs and other pharmacy-related activities as well. This is all endorsed and approved of by the owner of this pharmaceutical establishment.

This is being reported about so that all who come across Carol’s Pharmacy in Trinidad and Tobago will know of its deceitful, corrupt, and despicable ways and they will also know of the permanent blacklisting and permanent condemnation for this pharmaceutical business enterprise that it rightly indeed deserves.

Note: Beware of the Dangerous Scamming Lies that come from this place.

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