Joaquin Alberto Meñique Duchens, Rut 19379078-K, established in Ruben Dario 1630, Maipu has pure face of a saint but a real thief without shame. I make my living humbly working with great effort. I paid a service, which would not pay me. He like any client, he had the opportunity to accept or reject the conditions and price of the service without any pressure. He accepts, however despite that, when the time of collection arrives, the very face of raja says it was very expensive and I would not pay because he said I was a barsa who wanted him to give away his money! !!

This guy is a true broken and thief, even though I wanted we reached an agreement kindly, he flatly refused to cancel my work with great mockery to me.

Such people should be punished by society. We must prevent these antimorales actions cause harm to people who do not have to be harmed, being that we work hard on our work and fulfill the agreed treatment.

Please be careful with this guy, I avoid it 100% !!

Here I leave your Facebook to know:

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