Castle Dental did some lousy work on my teeth. Then they neglected my letters. Failed to return my phone calls. I filed a complaint with BBR about Castle Dental. Channel 11 did a piece concerning BBR complaints about Castle Dental. The report on KHOU featured me along with a dozen or so other Castle victims. We told our stories, some of which were pretty brutal. I thought,now we’ll get some kind of relief from Castle. Nada. Nary a word from Castle. OK, so I’ll sue Castle. Nope: my attorney advised that a lawsuit would cost me lots. And he would provide me with no guarantee of success. Unless I could get 8 or 10 independent dentists to swear that not only are all the Castle dentists incompetent, they also are perverts and child molesters. I did a slow burn, got over it, and went to a real dentist for repair of the damaged teeth. End of story, until last week. Someone named Jeanie called me and first represented herself as being from the BBR, wanting to check the status of an old complaint. Jeanie, it turned out, was from Castle Dental. And Jeanie, thank you very much, had no intention of providing any comment on the specifics of my complaint. She was interested only in whether or not I had made any follow-up complaints to the BBR.Then I decided to write to BadBizReport

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