Chelsey Lucio is a completely VULGAR, TRASHY *****! This cheap, shameless ***** talks in ugly, disgusting language all the time with almost any male ***** she can find!! No kidding…LITERALLY. She lives by “very high” profanity standard.

This underground ***** got a bad reputation around the circles – all the dicks know how easy and open she is. She will open her legs and do whatever for a dollar or drinks. Better yet she has no problem deliver and over deliver herself. No shame at all.

This retarded, promiscuous ***** is ready for you any time if you’d like to reach out and contact. She will be anxious to over deliver to you a well skilled and practiced ******** because she is just so cheap and low.

She must have really terrible, ignorant parents to bring up such a snake and bad ***** who means no good to people like herself.

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