Christy is 26 and desperate for a man. She is unemployed and has HPV and her parents are kicking her out soon. She will claim to be a writer, but really has no job. She has The most obvious case of aspergers and guys just make fun of her after they get done ******* her. She is so pathetic and desperate and clueless that guys do not find her moustache attractive. She’s fat and has bad breath too. She pokes holes in the condoms she brings because she wants anything to knock her up. She likes rich men or men who seem to have many assets. Watch out or else you’ll get stuck with a girl who has more of a moustache than you do and catch her diseases. And don’t think your buddies won’t laugh at you for getting stuck with her. She is AWKWARD and makes a fool out of herself and everyone she’s around. Can u imagine taking this thing home to meet the family? What a joke. Be careful so you Aren’t stuck with this walking fat *** moustache.

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